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Evangelist Patricia Hamilton is a member and First Lady of  From Bondage To Freedom Interdenominational Church (FBTF),  Shreveport, LA.  She also serves as, Praise and Worship  Leader at FBTF.  As Praise and Worship Leader, she  electrifies  her audience as she ushers them into an ultimate  realm of praise and worship.  Evangelist Hamilton has  traveled  extensively across the United States with her  Husband/Pastor, Apostle Cornell Hamilton implementing her  gift of song and worship.

 Evangelist Hamilton is sought after for her lectures on higher  standards for women: on singleness, preparation, marriage,  hurting/healing, prayer, patience and faith in God.  She utilizes her  God given ability to carry, birth and deliver the Word of God  with simplicity, power, and authority.  Her ministry has  impacted the lives of both men and women.  

 In 2001 Evangelist Hamilton reconstructed the Women’s  Ministry of FBTF,   and adopted the name:  “Women Of  Standard” and the Motto:  “IF WE DON’T STAND FOR  SOMETHING, WE’LL FALL FOR ANYTHING.”  The main object  of the Women of Standard is primarily to form a sisterhood  of  praying, cunning, and leading women.  As president of the  Women of Standard, Evang. Hamilton challenges women  everywhere, to stand persistent in prayer; knowing that   “Satan Is Defeated and JESUS Is LORD!”  

 Evangelist Hamilton lives in Bossier City, LA, with her  husband Apostle Cornell Hamilton.


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