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From Bondage To Freedom Outreach Center

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Apostle Cornell Hamilton, is "The Man With The Vision". This year Apostle Hamilton celebrates 35 years in ministry. Apostle Hamilton has utilized his God given ability to persevere and remain persistent in pursuit of "The Vision" God has entrusted inside of him. He recognized as a young boy that his destiny was ministry. Since accepting his call into ministry at age 19, he has become a pacesetter in the Kingdom of God. As a Pastor to Pastors, Apostle Hamilton is "a true leader". Apostle Hamilton operates under his callings first as an Apostle, a Prophet, an Evangelist, a Pastor, and a Teacher. By his works and deeds he is also established as a Visionary, an Humanitarian, a Revivalist, a Conference Speaker, and a Family Man. In every aspect of ministry he remains unchanged and faithful, determined to conquer "The Vision".

From Bondage to Freedom Interdenominational Church (FBTF) is "The Vision". Deriving from a vision in the mind of Apostle Hamilton, "The Interdenominational Movement", FBTF was established in October 1990. After serving 6 years as assistant pastor in the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) and 12 years as a pastor to more than 200 At Gibsland Church of God In Christ in Gibsland, Louisiana, God lead Apostle Hamilton to FBTF's original location in a dilapidated building at 425 Traffic St. in Bossier City, Louisiana. The building had holes in the ceiling and in the walls. Grass had grown so high around exterior of the building the doors and windows were not visible. In fact, the city officials had prepared to demolish the building in the approaching two weeks. According to the Word, God had spoken to Apostle Hamilton, the birth of "The Vision", was to begin in this run down building. After hard work and total dedication, Phase 1 of "The Vision" was set into motion. From Bondage To Freedom held it's first service on October 17, 1990. With the 17 members that followed Apostle Hamilton to Bossier City, the ministry begin with approximately 160 members. The membership has grown to over 1000 members on roll today.

In 1995, after only four years, God ushered FBTF into Phase 2. Relocating to 701 Traffic Street, in Bossier City, Louisiana, God gave FBTF room to expand. The ministry was able to accommodate the needs of hurting people: offering a food and clothing bank, feeding program, temporary housing facilities for the homeless, educational facilities for Bible school, an athletic room, a radio broadcast, and finance to begin a television ministry.

In 1999 FBTF was yet a ministry on the move! Apostle Hamilton and FBTF launched "Expansion 2000". Apostle Hamilton remained in pursuit of "The Vision". Apostle Hamilton along with the members of FBTF renovated the property at 701 Traffic St. FBTF was able to enhance the beauty and double the size of the sanctuary, rebuild and relocate the Dorothy Wilson Fellowship Hall, constructed a new parking lot, and much more. For twelve years, Bossier City, Louisiana hosted the birth of From Bondage to Freedom Outreach Ministries.

In 2002, God ushered Apostle Hamilton and FBTF into Phase 3 of the ministry. In October 2002, FBTF purchased the property located at 2020 Hollywood Ave. in Shreveport, Louisiana, leaving FBTF without a mortgage! The newly renovated facility, previously occupied by Morningside Baptist Church, houses four times the facilities of the 701 Traffic Street location in Bossier City.

Sunday, November 3, 2002. FBTF held its "Exodus Celebration" (Entering Service). As a ministry founded on love, FBTF is still going through it's birthing stage, knowing that transitions are no more than "labor pains". FBTF continues to grow in the womb; looking ahead to what God has in store.  Anticipating the moment when FBTF exits the birth canal and able to operate in full potential.





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F. T. B. F. National Fellowship

The Fellowship exists to support and connect churches as they minister to their communities. Our purpose is to challenge and inspire our churches to seek God passionately, and pursue spiritual renewal and expanded ministry. We want to help church leaders to become innovative in their disciple making, intentional in church planting, and involved in supporting national outreach missions.

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