Welcome!  In these pages you will learn the internal operations and essential functions of From Bondage To Freedom Interdenominational Church (FBTF).  If you are currently a member, much of this information is already familiar to you. But, if you are new to our congregation and community, these pages contain a synopsis or overview of almost everything you will want to know about us. 


 Who are we? We are a people of praise with a warmth of Pentecostal anointing.  We are an assembly of Christians who seek to practice Christianity in accordance with the Holy Bible.  We are a congregation of people who care about children, adults, families and the individual. We are a corporation of servants who, in keeping with the message of the Biblical prophets, want to do our part of justice for the oppressed, and to alleviate the suffering of the afflicted through the work of our social action and helping hands.  We are a community of Christians who care about Christian life in the modern church and in the modern world.  We are an incorporated ministry who care about the future of Christian life in America and around the world.


 As I stated, in these pages you will find what we consider most valuable about FBTF membership and ministries.  In order for you to learn everything about us, we invite you to join us for worship services,  adult education programs and classes, and for cultural events and social occasions.  By joining with us in the various activities of FBTF,  you will gradually become better familiar with our Christian community.  And hopefully, in the process you will come to know yourself at a deeper level of Christian spiritual awareness.


 Welcome to From Bondage To Freedom Interdenominational Church Online.


Apostle Cornell Hamilton, Pastor/Founder/Overseer


Our Pastor / Founder

Apostle Cornell Hamilton is one of Gospel's Giants of his day. As a Pastor and teacher of preachers he has excelled in Christendom. He flows with a ministering style and anointing that's all his own. Teaching profoundly with simplicity and practicality has made the Word of God exhilarating in the lives of all that have followed and sat at the feet of this man of God. Which is one reason his anointing is one most sought after across America.

Come, as Apostle Hamilton ministers the burden breaking, yoke destroying, life changing Word Of God.


Upcoming Events


F. T. B. F. National Fellowship

The Fellowship exists to support and connect churches as they minister to their communities. Our purpose is to challenge and inspire our churches to seek God passionately, and pursue spiritual renewal and expanded ministry. We want to help church leaders to become innovative in their disciple making, intentional in church planting, and involved in supporting national outreach missions.

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